Tough Times - You Save

Lambcon Construction

"Tough Times - You Save!"

Money Is Tight & The Economy is In The Tank...

But We Still Need to Work!!!

We Need To Survive This Economy
We Need Your Projects To Do That !!!


  • In these tough times We understand who we are competing with-
  • We know how cheap this competition works-
  • At the same time we are ethically bound to keep our Jobs & labor legal & Insured!
Knowing our Overhead is much higher,

We have been Thinking Outside The Box...

  • **We are working with our Professional Builders, Tradesman & Trained Labor to accept lower wages-
  • We are Negotiating with our loyal vendors to lower Building costs and offer incentives.
  • We have streamlined our operations to the best of our abilities-
  • Our Team understands the economic hardships as well as you do ---AND---
  • We have agreed to lower - Standard Wages by 25%- 50%!!!

...So That Our Estimates Will Prevail & We Keep Working !

*But Please remember This... When we charge you less... we are profiting less... To offset that fact we need

" YOU" To Work With " US "

In an efficient and timely manner TO SAVE MONEY!!!

We Can Do It!!!

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* Wage Discounts are reflected in our Estimates so you can realize the tremendous savings!!!
** Please Read Our Team's Biographies. Review our Accomplishments, References & Photo Galleries.